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Trump reportedly promised Kim Jong Un he’d end the war



trump kim summit
S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with North Korea leader
Kim Jong Un during their first meetings at the Capella resort on
Sentosa Island Tuesday, June 12, 2018 in


  • Nuclear negotiations with North Korea have hit a huge
    speed bump, and the reason is reportedly that President Donald
    Trump has yet to make good on a promise to Kim Jong
  • Trump, according to Vox, assured Kim that he would sign
    a declaration ending the Korean War, but his administration has
    not done so. Instead, the Trump administration has made
    unilateral demands for North Korean denuclearization.

President Donald Trump reportedly promised North Korean leader
Kim Jong Un that he would sign a declaration ending the Korean
War once and for all. He hasn’t, and now nuclear negotiations
with North Korea are starting to fall apart. 

At the June 12 Singapore summit, Trump told Kim that he would
sign a peace declaration soon after the meeting’s conclusion, Vox

Wednesday, citing two people familiar with
discussions. Trump apparently made a similar agreement with the
North Korean leader’s right-hand man Kim Yong Chol when he
visited the White House prior to the summit.

The president canceled what would have been Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo’s fourth trip to Pyongyang last Friday due to a lack
of progress on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The
decision to cancel the trip
the receipt of a letter from senior North Korean
officials warning the US that talks are “again at
stake and may fall apart.”

The letter added that North Korea may resume “nuclear
and missile activities” if its demands are not met, according to
CNN. Pyongyang is frustrated with the Trump administration’s
failure to “to meet (North Korean) expectations in terms of
taking a step forward to sign a peace treaty,” the media outlet
reported, citing people familiar with the situation. This is not
the first time in recent weeks North Korea has expressed
dissatisfaction with the administration’s failure to act on a
peace agreement while making unilateral demands for North Korean

The US side has
that it expects “the final, fully verified
denuclearization of (North Korea) as agreed to by Chairman Kim,”
but apparently there is something North Korea expects from the

The Singapore
only mentions that the “United States and the
DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace
regime on the Korean Peninsula.” After the summit, though, Trump
revealed that there were things that were agreed upon that were
not written into the statement.

“What we signed today was a lot of things included. 
And then you have things that weren’t included that we got after
the deal was signed,” he
. In the days leading up to the summit, the
president hinted that he discussed a peace treaty with Kim Yong
Chol when he visited the US.

“We talked about ending the war.  And you know, this
war has been going on — it’s got to be the longest war — almost
70 years, right?  And there is a possibility of something
like that.  That’s more of a signing of a document that it’s
very important in one way.  Historically, it’s very
important.  But we’ll see,” he
, “And we did discuss that — the ending of the Korean
War.  Can you believe that we’re talking about the ending of
the Korean War?  You’re talking about 70 years.”

While Trump may have agreed to end the war, his advisers,
particularly White House National Security Advisor John Bolton
and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis both believe that North Korea
should take steps to denuclearize before the US signs a peace

“It all makes sense now,” Ankit Panda, a foreign policy
expert and senior editor for The Diplomat, tweeted
Wednesday. “Without it being put in writing, Trump gave [Kim Jong
Un] in Singapore (and possibly [Kim Yong Chol]) assurances that
he’d do an [End-of-War] declaration; his advisors disagree. The
bill has come due & admin split on paying up.”

“It makes sense why the North Koreans are angry,” a source
told Vox. “Having Trump promise a peace declaration and then
moving the goalposts and making it conditional would be seen as
the US reneging on its commitments.”

The concern now is that if talks break down, will the
situation return to the days of “fire and fury” that were seen
last year?

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