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Trump likely to push shutdown deadline to week before Christmas



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Martinez Monsivais/AP

  • President Donald Trump told reporters Saturday that he would
    likely agree to a short-term funding deal that would delay a
    government shutdown by two weeks.
  • Trump and lawmakers are reportedly concerned about time
    constraints that have been created by events scheduled following
    the death of George H.W. Bush.
  • The new deadline would seemingly incentivize a deal because
    it comes the week before Christmas. 

President Donald Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on
Saturday that he expects to agree to a two-week extension of
government funding ahead of the Friday, Dec. 7 deadline to fully
fund the US government because of former President George H.W.
Bush’s death.

The prospects of a partial government shutdown have been looming
in recent days after Trump last week renewed his demand for
significant US taxpayer funding of his proposed US-Mexico border

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Trump orders the federal government to close on December 5 ‘as a
mark of respect’ for George H.W. Bush

Trump said on Saturday that congressional leaders have sought the
short-term extension and he said he would “absolutely consider it
and probably give it.”

According to
, lawmakers and Trump are concerned that events
related to Bush’s death will leave little time to hammer out
details of a longer-term funding deal.

The new deadline, which would fall on Friday, Dec. 21, would
seemingly provide an incentive for lawmakers to finish a deal to
prevent a shutdown and necessary negotiations over the week of

(Reporting by Roberta Rampton aboard Air Force One; writing by
David Shepardson in Washington; editing by Darren Schuettler)

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