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Trump lashes out at liberal billionare Tom Steyer, bomb plot recipient



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  • President Donald Trump lashed out at Democratic donor Tom
    Steyer Sunday, days after authorities intercepted a suspicious
    package addressed to the vocal Trump critic.
  • Trump tweeted Sunday to comment on liberal billionaire
    Steyer’s appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” calling him a
    “crazed & stumbling lunatic.”
  • In his appearance, Steyer had condemned what he described as
    “consistent, systematic political violence from Republicans” that
    harshens political divides.

President Donald Trump lashed out at liberal billionaire Tom
Steyer Sunday, two days after authorities intercepted a suspicious package meant for
the top Democratic donor.

Trump wrote that “Wacky Tom Steyer,” in a Sunday appearance on
CNN’s “State of the Union” with host Jake Tapper, “comes off as a
crazed & stumbling lunatic who should be running out of money
pretty soon.”

The president added: “As bad as their field is, if he is running
for president, the Dems will eat him alive!”

Steyer, who has launched a campaign to have Trump impeached,
including national ads and pledges of up to $120 million towards
November’s midterm elections, appeared Sunday morning on CNN to
condemn what he described as “consistent, systematic political
violence from Republicans” that harshens political divides.

Steyer was responding to Tapper’s question about a since-deleted
tweet from House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy that took aim at
prominent Democratic donors, which Steyer called a “straight-up
anti-Semitic move.”

“We cannot allow Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg to BUY this
election! Get out and vote Republican November 6th. #MAGA,”
McCarthy wrote in the Tuesday tweet that was deleted a day later.

The tweet referenced top Democratic donors George Soros and
former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in addition to Steyer.

Steyer said Sunday the tweet was “a classic attempt to separate
Americans,” and warned that it was exemplary of Republican
messaging that he described as “political violence.”

“I believe what we are looking for in America is something
completely different from that,” Steyer said. “When people say
there’s loud language on both sides, I think that is absolutely

Steyer continued: “What we’re seeing here is terrible behavior,
consistent, systematic political violence from Republicans. When
people stand up to it, then they describe that as strong language
on both sides.”

Soros was one of the first prominent Democratic donors to receive
a bomb in the mail. FBI Director Christopher Wray announced
Friday the agency had confirmed 13 explosive devices that were
sent to prominent Democratic figures and CNN’s New York City

Trump’s tweet Sunday morning echoed insults he hurled at
exactly a year ago after the Californian ran a $10
million national television and digital ad campaign
calling for Trump’s impeachment

“Wacky & totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting
me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never
wins elections!” Trump
tweeted on October 27, 2017

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