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Trump Japan visit: Menu for dinner with Prime Minister Abe Shinzo



President Donald Trump will dine on potatoes, wagyu beef and vanilla ice cream when he sits down for dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo during his state visit to the country Sunday.

The leaders, along with their wives, will sit down to dinner shortly, and will enjoy a dinner that seemingly combines Japanese ingredients with an American style of cooking.

Here’s the menu, according to the White House, via the New York Times’ Katie Rogers:

First course: Japanese potato with butter

Second course: Salad

Third course: Grilled chicken

Fourth course: Wagyu beef steak with broccoli and carrots

Dessert: Vanilla ice cream

Wagyu beef is one of Japan’s most renowned delicacies, and is prized for its tender, melting texture. Wagyu cattle are often massaged, played classical music, and given beer to drink to improve the flavor of their meat.

It generally costs more than $110 per pound to buy in the US.

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Trump and Shinzo’s dinner comes after the two leaders and their wives attended the culmination of a major Japanese sumo wrestling tournament, where the president awarded a newly created prize, known as the “Trump Trophy” to the winner.

Trump watches on at Tokyo’s Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.
Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

“That was an incredible evening at sumo,” Trump told pool reporters.

“We bought that beautiful trophy,” he added, “which you’ll have hopefully for many hundreds of years.”

Between the sumo tournament and his formal dinner with Shinzo, the two couples briefly dined in a traditional Japanese hibachi restaurant.

“The prime minister and I talked a lot about trade, about military and various other things,” he told reporters.

Earlier in the day, Trump and Shinzo played a round of golf together.

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