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Trump falsely says Mueller had ‘insufficient evidence’ against him



President Donald Trump falsely claimed that the former special counsel Robert Mueller found “insufficient evidence” to charge him with a crime in the course of a two year-long investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

“Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent,” Trump tweeted shortly after Mueller’s first public, in-person statement concerning his investigation. “The case is closed! Thank you.”

Both in his 448-page report and his Wednesday statement, Mueller repeatedly said that his team was precluded from accusing or charging the president with a crime because of longstanding Justice Department policy.

Mueller also quoted directly from his final report and said that, “As set forth in the report after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

“We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime,” he added.

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