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Trump explains how to handle Jim Acosta after press pass returned



Trump points at Jim Acosta
President Donald Trump points at CNN’s Jim Acosta and accuses him
of “fake news.”


  • President Donald Trump explained how he’ll deal with
    Jim Acosta, the CNN’s correspondent he barred from the White
    House after numerous confrontations, saying he has a simple
  • The White House will come up with a code of conduct for
    reporters, and if Acosta breaks the rules, they’ll boot him
  • CNN won a lawsuit and a federal judge restored Acosta’s
    press pass after the White House removed it following a testy
    exchange where Acosta refused to give up the
  • CNN’s Brian Stelter believes the White House will try
    to boot Acosta again by the end of the month. 

President Donald Trump explained how he’ll deal with Jim Acosta,
CNN correspondent he barred from the White House after numerous
confrontations, saying he has a simple solution.

A federal judge on Friday granted CNN’s request for a
temporary restraining order to restore the White House
correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass.

“It’s fine, I mean, it’s not a big deal,” said Trump,
reacting to Acosta’s press pass being reinstated by the courts in
an interview with Fox News’ Chris

The White House responded that it would come up with a code
of conduct for the press at briefings, which hadn’t existed

“What they said though was that we have to create rules and
regulations for conduct, et cetera, et cetera,” said Trump.
“We’re doing that. We’re going to write them up right now, it’s
not a big deal.”

“And if he misbehaves, we’ll throw him out, or we’ll stop
the news conference,” said Trump.

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CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump administration for revoking Jim
Acosta’s press pass

Trump then explained that he had a number of ideas for
dealing with Acosta’s brand of questioning, which has often lead
to combative encounters at press conferences. 

“[W]e’ll have rules of decorum,” said Trump. “You know, you
can’t keep asking questions. You have — we had a lot of reporters
in that room, many, many reporters in that room and they were
unable to ask questions because this guy gets up and starts doing
what he’s supposed to be doing for him and for CNN, and, you
know, just shouting out questions.”

Acosta challenged Trump with repeated questions on
immigration and the Russia probe, which led to Trump calling him
a “rude, terrible person” as Acosta held on to the
and kept talking while a White House intern tried
to take it back. 

CNN argued in their
 that revoking Acosta’s press pass violated the
First Amendment right of freedom of the press, as well as CNN’s
and Acosta’s Fifth Amendment right to due process.

Code of conduct

Donald Trump Jim Acosta
on Wednesday rebuked President Donald Trump over his anti-media


Trump was vague on the code of conduct the White House was
drafting, and it’s unclear whether it would pertain only to
behavior within the press briefings or if they would apply to a
journalist’s outside behavior too.

Trump also didn’t mention if the White House would publish
a code of conduct for its own staff. 

Over the
weekend, Trump misspelled Democrat Adam Schiff’s last name as a
homophone for the swear word for excrement. 

Some of the specifics missing from Trump’s discussion of
standards of decorum were likely discussed in a letter that
Sanders sent to CNN, which laid out “what we think were some
of the missteps that their reporter made at the press conference
on November 7,” Sanders told Fox.

“From the looks of the letter, the W.H. is trying to
establish a paper trail that will empower the administration to
boot Acosta again at the end of the month,” CNN’s Brian Stelter
wrote in his Reliable Sources

Asked by Fox News’ Wallace why he even calls on Acosta if he
believes him so rude, Trump said he asked Sanders the same thing,
without providing an actual reason why. 

Instead, Trump described another plan to step on CNN’s airtime.

“I think one of the things we’ll do is maybe turn the
camera off that faces them because then they don’t have any air
time, although I’ll probably be sued for that and maybe win or
lose it, who knows?” said Trump. “I mean, with this stuff, you
never know what’s going to happen.”

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