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Trump defends daughter Ivanka’s use of private email account



Donald and Ivanka TrumpMark Wilson/Getty Images

  • President Donald Trump defended his daughter Ivanka’s use of
    private email to conduct government business to reporters on
  • “Ivanka did some emails, they weren’t classified like
    Hillary Clinton, they weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton..she
    wasn’t doing anything to hide her emails,” he
  • Congressional Democrats on the Oversight and Government
    Reform Committee, however, plan to investigate private email
    use of Ivanka and other White House officials. 

President Donald Trump confirmed a Monday report that his
daughter Ivanka, an unpaid White House advisor, used a private
email address to conduct government business, but defended his daughter by
saying her emails “weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton’s.”

The Washington Post reported Monday that Ivanka regularly used a
private email account using a domain shared with her husband
Jared Kushner for official government business, sending
“hundreds” of mainly logistical and scheduling emails to other
officials from the private email address.

Ivanka and Kushner’s private email use was first reported in fall
of 2017, which prompted the watchdog group American Oversight to
file a public records lawsuit for Ivanka’s communications. 

“She was the worst offender in the White House,” a former
senior government official familiar with the review of
Ivanka’s emails
told The Post about her email usage, which
could violate the Presidential Records Act. 

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Ivanka Trump ‘was the worst
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government affairs using her personal email

A spokesperson for Ivanka’s attorney Abbe Lowell told The
Post that Ivanka did not mean to potentially violate federal
records rules by using a private email, and has since turned over
those emails to be part of the public record.

“Ms. Trump did not create a private server in her house or
office, no classified information was ever included, the account
was never transferred at Trump Organization, and no emails were
ever deleted,” the spokesperson said. 

Trump echoed those comments to reporters on
Tuesday afternoon. “Ivanka did some emails, they weren’t
classified like Hillary Clinton, they weren’t deleted like
Hillary Clinton…she wasn’t doing anything to hide her emails,”
the president said. 

Throughout his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump frequently
attacked Clinton for her use of a private email account and
private server in the basement of her home in Chappaqua, New York
— often leading chants of “lock her up” at campaign rallies. To
this day, Trump occasionally tweets outrage at the FBI for
ultimately finding she had not broken any laws. 

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“The parallels between Ms. Trump’s conduct and that of
Secretary Clinton are inescapable,” Austin Evers, the executive
director of American Oversight, wrote in a letter to members of

“In both her use of personal email and post-discovery
preservation efforts, Ms. Trump appears to have done exactly what
Secretary Clinton did — conduct over which President Trump and
many members of Congress regularly lambasted Secretary Clinton
and which, they asserted, demonstrated her unfitness for

Despite Trump’s defenses, Democrats on the House Committee for
Oversight & Government Reform plan to further investigate
Ivanka and other White House officials’ private email

“We launched a bipartisan investigation last year into
White House officials’ use of private email accounts for official
business, but the White House never gave us the information we
requested,” Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat and the likely
next chairman of the Oversight Committee said in a Tuesday

“We need those documents to ensure that Ivanka Trump, Jared
Kushner, and other officials are complying with federal records
laws and there is a complete record of the activities of this
Administration,” he added. 

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