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Trump, China trade war Reuters interview: no timetable for tariff end



trump xi jinping
President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi


  • President Donald Trump talked down expectations for the
    US-China trade talks that kick off on Wednesday in an interview
    with Reuters.
  • Trump also said there is “no timeframe” for an end to
    the trade war with China.
  • The second set of Trump’s tariffs — this time on $16
    billion worth of Chinese imports to the US — are set to go live
    on Friday. China is expected to respond with tariffs on an
    equal amount of US goods.

President Donald Trump downplayed expectations for this week’s
trade talks between US and Chinese officials during an interview
Monday and didn’t set a timetable for the end of the trade
war with China

During an interview with Reuters, Trump said he did not
anticipate much” would come of the trade talks.

Mid-level Chinese officials are set to come to Washington to meet
with Treasury officials on Wednesday, marking the first formal
talks between the two sides in around two months.

Additionally, Trump said there was “no timeframe” for an end to
the trade war.

“I’m like them, I have a long horizon,” he said.

In addition to imminent tariffs, Trump also threatened to slap
another $200 billion worth of Chinese imports with a duty that
would make over 50% of Chinese imports to the US subject to
tariffs. Hearings about the proposed $200 billion set of goods
kicked off Monday.

The tit-for-tat tariffs are already weighing on US businesses as
companies struggle with higher prices for Chinese parts used in
their products. Some small businesses have been
forced into laying off workers
while others are
delaying major investments

In all, economists say that Trump’s trade battles could start to
hold back US economic growth.

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