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Trump China trade war: More tariffs will hurt, retailers warn



The mere threat that tariffs could be imposed on nearly all remaining imports from China has already accelerated a scramble among importers to find alternative sources of supply. As a result, higher prices are already on the horizon for American families, regardless of the outcome of this investigation, or the products selected for coverage. -Bryan Wolfe, Ascena Retail Group

This will result in an annual cost increase that exceeds $10 million, and eliminates our annual profits entirely. If sales decline, overhead and labor costs will need to be reduced, leading to the elimination of jobs, which in turn, will make our operation unsustainable. Please understand, we are supportive of the President’s trade policy with China. We just need 8 to 12 months more time to complete our transition properly. -Jim Day, 47 Brand, LLC

In imposing tariffs, we will not achieve the goal of protecting IP infringement matters, but penalize US consumers and US companies throughout the, throughout the country. -Christopher Volpe, United Legwear & Apparel Co.

I am requesting that the U.S. Trade Representative and the Trump administration refrain from using tariffs, excuse me, taxes, to reduce the trade deficit. The economic health of my customers, my main street, my business, my employees, and my family hinge on not adding any more burden on the back of small businesses. -Trey Kraus, Carlton’s Men’s Wear, Inc.

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