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Trump celebrates ‘American pride’ by inspecting US-made goods



Donald Trump thumbs upPresident Donald Trump.REUTERS

The White House showcased a number of products made in each of the 50 states during its second annual “Made in America” event on Monday.

“We’re here today to celebrate the greatest products in the world — products made with American heart, American sweat, and American pride,” President Donald Trump said.

The Trump administration touted the importance of American-made and American-operated products, which was defined as having contained no, or a negligible amount of, “foreign content,” according to a White House pool report. Additionally, the product’s final assembly or processing must have taken place in the US.

“The single best tribute to our workers can be found in the unmatched quality and craftsmanship of the amazing products they bring from the blueprint to the storefront,” Trump added in a statement. “‘Made in the USA’ is a global symbol of unrivaled excellence.”

The products on display at the White House ranged from knives to cotton linens, while the bulkier goods, such as Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet and Ford’s F-150 truck, were on full display outside.

This year’s showcase comes during a contentious period in US trade relations, after the Trump administration targeted China and some US allies with steep tariffs on a variety of goods. China has fought back with tariffs of its own, sparking a global trade war that some fear would plunge financial markets into chaos.

Here’s what Monday’s “Made in America” product showcase looked like:

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