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Trump attacks ‘globalist’ Koch brothers after they turn on him



trump florida rally
Trump at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, last


  • President Donald Trump launched an attack on the Koch
    brothers, political mega-donors with a history of supporting
    Republican and libertarian causes.
  • The Kochs have started speaking out against Trump, and
    recently said they would now fund Democrats as well.
  • Trump bashed the brothers as having bad ideas and being
  • But if the Koch network’s reversal swings the November
    midterm elections to the Democrats, Trump could find himself
    staving off calls for impeachment. 

President Donald Trump launched an attack on the Koch brothers —
powerful political mega-donors with a long history of supporting
Republican and libertarian causes — after the billionaires spoke
out against Trump’s divisive White House. 

Charles Koch, who remains in business after his brother, David,
took a step back due to health
issues in June
, recently distanced himself from Trump’s
policies and bashed his protectionist economics. 

“The urge to protect ourselves from change has doomed many
countries throughout history,” Koch said in a video shown to a
gathering of Koch network donors in Colorado
Springs, according to the Wall Street

“This protectionist mind-set has destroyed countless businesses.”

This is not the first time that the Koch network has sought to
use its political influence to push back against Trump.

The Kochs offered millions in campaign
funding to Republicans who voted against “Trumpcare”
year, and spoke out against Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy at
the border
which saw young migrant children separated from
their parents. 

But recently, Koch opened up to the possibility
of funding Democratic candidates
as they try to take both
houses of Congress in November. 

With months to go before a crucial Senate election in North
Dakota, the Koch network has not offered any funds to the
Republican candidate.

In the clearest sign of an about-face at the Libertarian-leaning
Koch network, the billionaires funded a study that found that a
medicare-for-all plan by Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders
would save the US $2 trillion over
the course of a decade
. Sanders thanked the Koch network by name

Trump, on Tuesday, sounded off on the recent shift in the
Republicans’ base of power. 

From Trump’s Twitter:

The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real
Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful
Trade. I never sought their support because I don’t need their
money or bad ideas. They love my Tax & Regulation Cuts,
Judicial picks & more. I made them richer. Their
network is highly overrated, I have beaten them at every turn.
They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being
taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker – a puppet
for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great

Trump has consistently framed his policies as pro-worker,
often citing GDP growth and job
numbers at near-record highs
to bolster his case, though the
vast majority of economists say his policies could lead to ruin
for some sectors of the economy.

Against an overall trend of rising employment, some sectors of the economy have
felt the heat of Trump’s trade war already

Additionally, political insiders say that if Democrats win
the House and Senate in November, Trump’s legislative agenda
could become sidelined as the Democrats discuss impeaching the

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