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Things got feisty during a Fox News segment on Michael Cohen



Two hosts from Fox News’ “The Five” erupted into a feisty debate over Michael Cohen’s bombshell public testimony on Wednesday.

Co-hosts Greg Gutfeld, a political satirist and former editor of Maxim magazine in the UK; and Juan Williams, an author and a former Washington Post correspondent, butt heads during the show.

“Gosh, you guys ever going to let me finish,” Williams said as his comments were drowned out by his colleagues.

“No, because you’re always finishing,” Gutfeld replied. “There’s somebody sitting there who hasn’t said a damn word.”

“You are so deep in the bunker, and you —,” Williams said, before Gutfeld cut him off.

“Oh shut-up Juan, I’m in nobody’s bunker,” Gutfeld rebutted. “Enough with your bunker … I’m trying to be polite to somebody on the panel, Juan. Which you won’t do.”

“Oh my God,” Juan said.

“Bunker,” Gutfeld said loathingly.

Fox News “The Five” co-host Juan Williams.
Richard Drew/AP

The show bills itself as a colorful take on the news of the day from a panel of hosts with strong personalities, some of whom hold differing political views.

Commentator Jesse Watters and former White House press secretary Dana Perino are among the panelists.

The banter between the conservative-leaning hosts is often contrasted by Williams, who is often seen as the sole liberal voice on the show.

“You are so blind, because you, like Greg, are deep in the bunker,” Williams said at one point to Watters.

“You know, if you say that again, I’m gonna throw you off the set,” Gutfeld replied, adding that Williams was trying to draw a connection between the phrase “in the bunker” and Adolf Hitler.

“No I was not. You are so far off,” Williams said.

“What you’re saying is, you choose the worst intent of people’s words,” Gutfeld said. “Like, when I say that I believe something, ‘I’m in the bunker.’ What if I said that about you?”

Their comments came amid dramatic testimony from Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former longtime attorney, to the House Oversight Committee in Washington, DC on Wednesday. Cohen claimed in his testimony that he was deeply “ashamed” of representing Trump, and also implicated him in several potential crimes that prosecutors from the Southern District of New York are investigating.

Republican lawmakers widely scrutinized Cohen’s crimes and have cast doubt on his credibility as a witness against Trump. Democrats, including Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, have said they believe Cohen’s statements and were going to proceed “very cautiously” in light of the ongoing investigations from federal prosecutors and the special counsel’s office.

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to lying to Congress, campaign finance violations, and other financial fraud charges. His prison sentence begins in May.

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