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These 25 US counties are paying most of the federal income taxes



There are a total of 3,141 counties in the United States, according to USGS. The top 25 of those counties – less than 1% – paid 28.85% of all income taxes in 2016.

To some extent, the data show the concentration of population in large cities. Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago (Cook County), the three most populous cities in the US, are in the three counties that contributed the most.

But the numbers also illustrate the concentration of wealth in America. A review of census data shows that these 25 counties represent only 9% of the total US population of 328 million.

New York County, which covers just the borough of Manhattan, is home to 0.5% of the US population but it pays 2.7% of US income taxes. The five Bay Area counties pay a combined 5% of US taxes but are home to less than 2% of the population, due in no small part to the millionaires (and billionaires) paying income taxes in Silicon Valley.

Here are the 25 counties that had the highest income tax liabilities in 2016.

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