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Theresa May refuses to say if her Brexit deal is better than remaining in the EU



Theresa May 5 liveBBC

  • Theresa May is quizzed by callers on BBC 5 live about
    her Brexit deal.
  • The prime minister, who campaigned for Britain to
    Remain in the EU 2016, is asked if she thinks her Brexit deal
    will leave the country better off.
  • She will only tell the caller that it will be a
    “different environment.”
  • It comes after her former Brexit secretary tells the
    BBC that May’s deal is worse than remaining in the EU.

LONDON — Theresa May has repeatedly refused to say whether she
believes her Brexit deal will leave British people better off
than if the UK had opted to stay in the EU.

Asked on Friday by a caller on BBC 5 Live whether she could
“honestly say” that her deal would leave Britain better off than
EU membership, the prime minister, who campaigned for Remain in
2016, would only say that it would be “different.”

“It’s different,” May replied.

“You say are better off, are we better off? Actually it’s a
different sort of environment and a different approach we will be
taking to things.”

She added: “It’s less about whether or not we are in
the European Union… It is about what we do. Our future is in
our hands.”

The prime minister also refused several times to say whether she
would resign if she loses the upcoming parliamentary vote on her

Asked by the BBC’s Emma Barnett whether she would step down if
the deal is blocked, she replied: “I’m focused on actually
ensuring we do get this deal through parliament.”

“I believe this is absolutely the right deal for the UK.”

Her comments come after her former Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab

told the Today programme
on Friday morning that accepting
May’s deal would be worse than remaining in the EU.

“If you just presented me terms, this deal or EU membership,
because we would effectively be bound by the same rules without
control or a voice over them, then yes this would be even worse
than that,” Raab said.

Raab joins a growing list of leading Conservative Brexiteers who
have suggested in recent weeks and months that it would be better
to remain in the EU rather than accept what the prime minister
has agreed with Brussels.

The former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said repeatedly
that May’s Brexit proposals would be worse than retaining EU
membership, as has ex-Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith and
former minister John Redwood.

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