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The trailer for HBO’s Brexit movie has been released — watch it here



A trailer for “Brexit,” a 2019 movie about tactics used in the build-up to the 2016 referendum, has been released by HBO Films and Channel 4. However, not everybody is happy about the movie.

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Dominic Cummings, the campaign director for the Vote Leave campaign and the man who “hacked the political system” according to the film’s trailer.

The movie will debut on Saturday, January 19, according to Deadline. The website added that HBO says its movie will reveal “the personalities, strategies and feuds of the Leave and Remain campaigns.

“The tactics employed by Vote Leave during the data-driven campaign swayed a historically silent voting bloc that would ultimately decide the outcome of the referendum, as well as affecting future elections around the world.”

Watch the trailer here:

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The launch of the movie has not been warmly received by everybody. In fact, The Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr is furious about the release. “You are literally interfering in our criminal justice system,” she wrote on Twitter.

Earlier in the year, Cadwalladr ran a story on The Guardian that said “crimes may have been committed by the Vote Leave campaign.” Just weeks later, Vote Leave was fined after being found guilty of breaking electoral law.

Posting on Twitter on Saturday, she said HBO is “heroicizing a man in contempt of parliament.” She added: “We don’t know the facts still. Because he refuses to tell parliament. But this character with the ‘software’ is bulls—. The ‘physicists’ are still unknown. The work was not declared. Electoral commission refused to investigate.”

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“This is such a terrible cynical commission,” Cadwalladr said. “And me tweeting about it will only serve to make it ‘controversial.’ But it’s not. It’s just grossly irresponsible. We don’t know the facts yet. We need criminal justice not ‘drama.’ Who needs fake news when you have Cumberbatch.”

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