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The top places where people are googling about the government shutdown



The partial government shutdown is almost a month old, and Americans across the country are googling it in order to find out more information.

Data from Google Trends show that searches for the term “government shutdown” are quite popular in areas that are home to some of the country’s national parks.

In Grand County, Oregon, search interest for “government shutdown” is among the highest. The county is home to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. In Mariposa County, California, home to Yosemite, interest in the term is also higher than in other areas of the state.

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The government shutdown has led to diminished staffs and decreased labor in the nation’s natural reserves and parks. The Trump administration said some parks would remain open during the shutdown, despite having fewer staffers to monitor activity.

Some park rangers have shared images online of the effect the shutdown is having on the areas.

Visitors have left behind trash and human waste in some parks, and in Joshua Tree National Park, some visitors even damaged some of the park’s protected trees. Joshua Tree had to temporarily close for repairs and cleanup.

The shutdown has also led to a cut in federal services provided to those living in reservations, which might explain why the term “government shutdown” is a popular search in Ziebach County, South Dakota, home to the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation.

“Government shutdown,” however, isn’t always a popular Google search term in places with culturally relevant attractions like Florida’s Brevard County, home to the Kennedy Space Center.

And search interest isn’t as high as one might expect at the heart of the partial shutdown: Washington, DC.

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