2016 ElectionIt sometimes feels like the 2016 presidential election never ended.Left: Alex Wong/Getty Images, Right: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • The 2016 presidential election was one of the most controversial in American history.
  • Even though it’s been almost two years since Election Day 2016, many are still hashing out what happened, and how the final result catapulted President Donald Trump into office.
  • See below for a list of the 13 best books about the historical election — from journalists, academics, and two of the candidates themselves.

The 2016 presidential election will likely go down as one of the most dramatic in American history.

The showdown between Hillary Clinton, the first female politician to lead a major political party in a presidential race, and Donald Trump, a reality TV star and businessman, involved an email scandal, shocking leaked audio, and interference from Russia.

If you’re not yet tired of the, “How did this happen?” discussion on this particular election, here are some of the best books from both sides of the aisle.