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The 12 companies that have the most riding on a US-China trade deal



Businesses are reeling from the effects of the trade spat between the US and China, and there’s still no certainty the conflict is going to end any time soon.

However, there have been signs of progress. Both the US and China said this week they would delay tariffs on some products set to take effect in the coming months.

China announced a short-list of products would be temporarily exempt from upcoming tariffs, while President Trump reportedly said an increase in duties on Chinese exports would be delayed two weeks until October 15. Both moves were seen as an effort to cool down trade tensions between the countries ahead of scheduled talks.

But both countries have extended olive branches before, and yet the trade war has raged on. It’s unclear whether a deal will come from upcoming talks, but tons of companies are hoping a resolution will come soon, for the sake of their businesses.

Goldman Sachs put together a list of companies that have the highest exposure to China based on revenue. To that end, they can be considered those with the most riding on a successful trade resolution.

Here are the 12 companies, ranked in increasing order of Chinese exposure:

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