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Some of the Russian social media accounts that influenced the election



The report found that approximately 10.4 million tweets (of which around six million were original) were shared by the IRA across 3,841 twitter accounts. One of the ways the IRA sought to supress voters was through text-to-vote scam tweets that confused voters about the voting process.

And though Twitter has come under fire for automated tweets and bot armies, the report found that the IRA “ran human-operated precision personas that roughly mapped to the same Black, Left, and Right clusters observed on Facebook and Instagram.”

One of these accounts was @TEN_GOP, a profile pretending to be part of the Tennessee GOP. @TEN_GOP helped share false stories about undocumented immigrants voting and falsely claimed that Clinton was “the first candidate in American history to be labeled a threat by American troops.”

Though it only tweeted 12 times, the account dominated in Twitter engagement, according to the report, receiving 9296 RTs and 8800 favorites.

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