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Sheryl Sandberg feared she might be fired after Cambridge Analytica




  • Mark Zuckerberg allegedly met with his COO, Sheryl Sandberg,
    in the spring and said he blamed her for the fallout over the
    Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to
    a new Wall Street Journal report
  • The reports says that Sandberg told friends after the meeting
    that she wondered if she should be worried about her job.

Sheryl Sandberg wondered whether she should fear for her job
after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to a new

Wall Street Journal

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told Sandberg this spring that he
blamed her and her teams for the fallout from a scandal involving
a research firm that improperly accessed Facebook users’ data for
political purposes ahead of the 2016 presidential election. 

Zuckerberg is said to have told Sandberg that she should have
been more aggressive in tackling the troublesome content. 

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Following her meeting with Zuckerberg, Sandberg allegedly told
friends that she wondered whether she should be worried about her

York Times 
report last week detailed how Sandberg
oversaw an “aggressive lobbying campaign” in the aftermath of the
a Facebook post
 after the story was published, Sandberg
said she had been unaware of Facebook’s
involvement with a public-relations firm called Definers Public
, which The Times said disseminated research to
journalists linking the billionaire George Soros to anti-Facebook

Zuckerberg later supported Sandberg, telling reporters last
week that Sandberg is a “very important partner to me, and
continues to be, and will continue to be.” 

Sandberg has been COO of Facebook since 2008, and is author of
the bestselling women’s empowerment book “Lean In.”

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