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Sean Spicer made his debut on ‘Dancing With The Stars’



Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made his debut on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday night. His tenure at the White House ended in his resignation in July 2017.

His appearance on the show, as well as his outfit choice, have gotten mixed reviews on Twitter.

Some users called to boycott the show in the lead up to the show’s premiere.

Others applauded the decision as a smart career move.

Twitter was ablaze talking about his bright green shirt and shimmy during the show’s intro.

Some users tweeted that the shirt was his worst career move.

Others called the choice criminal.

Spicer was clearly in on the joke, and in a tweet before the show said that people “won’t forget for quite some time” the outfit he wore.

Even before the show’s premiere, Spicer’s “Dancing With the Stars” casting caused controversy. Some were upset that politics was being dragged into the show, while others felt that ABC was giving Spicer a platform after his tenur in the White House.

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