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SEAL William McRaven, who slammed Trump, eyed for spot on 2020 ticket



Admiral William McRaven
William McRaven, who commanded the Bin Laden raid, is being eyed
for a spot on the 2020 ticket after slamming President Trump last
week in an op-ed.

Dharapak/AP Images

a scathing op-ed penned last week
, retired Navy SEAL Adm.
William McRaven called President Donald Trump a divisive leader
who has “embarrassed” the United States and challenged the
president to revoke his security clearance.

His pointed commentary, which is unusual for a retired military
leader, gathered over 8,700 comments on the Washington Post alone
and vaulted McRaven into the limelight as a 2020 political

While the admiral is no stranger to public attention — his

2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas
has over
6.7 million views on YouTube and has made him a household
name — his latest also seems to have caught the attention of
former Vice President Joe Biden.

situation room obama biden clinton osama raid
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with
members of the national security team, receive an update on
Operation Neptune’s Spear, the mission against Osama bin Laden
commanded by Admiral McRaven, in one of the conference rooms of
the Situation Room of the White House, May 1,

Souza, Official White House Photographer

Biden, who launched his own PAC late last year, is seen as one of
the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runners for 2020.

According to Axios
, Biden has “maintained quiet contact” with
acquaintances who seem “dismayed by what they are seeing” in the
current administration. During their conversation, Biden
reportedly commended McRaven for his physical and moral courage.
While the call may serve as cause for speculation regarding a
potential Biden/McRaven ticket, others are taking McRaven’s
message a step further, calling for democrats to consider him for
the Presidency.

CNN contributor David Wheeler argues
that the Dems have
plenty of reasons to consider McRaven as Trump’s next challenger,
citing a Gallup poll that military personnel enjoy a 74%
confidence rating in the eyes of the American public.

Beyond the statistics, McRaven’s role as an architect of the 2011
raid that killed Osama bin Laden make him a beloved hero — and
one that could potentially cause disillusioned voters to swing
back to the left in the next election, should he join a
Democratic ticket. The raid serves as the pinnacle of an
illustrious career; McRaven is also credited with establishing
NATO’s Special Operations Headquarters and served on the elite
SEAL Team Six. 

Citing health concerns, McRaven has announced plans to step down
from his current position as Chancellor of the University of
Texas System later this year.

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