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Sayoc Cesar pinned down by FBI thanks to fingerpint, bad spelling



Cesar Sayoc composite picture
composite image showing Cesar Sayoc (left), one of the pipe bombs
he is accused of sending (top right) and his Dodge Ram van
(bottom right).


  • Cesar Sayoc Jr. has been arrested and charged with
    sending a series of pipe bombs in the mail to prominent critics
    of Donald Trump.
  • The Department of Justice complaint against Sayoc helps
    explain why they believe he is the culprit.
  • It cited a single fingerprint on one of the 13
    packages, and also poor spelling common to addressees on the
    packages, and a Twitter account linked to Sayoc.
  • Sayoc is in detention and is expected to appear in
    court on five federal charges Monday.

The man suspected of sending pipe bombs in the mail to prominent
critics of US President Donald Trump was pinned down partly
thanks to a stray fingerprint and repeatedly poor spelling.

Cesar Sayoc Jr. has been charged with sending 13 packages to
figures including former presidents Barack Obama and Bill
Clinton, other prominent Democrats, government officials, and the
actor Robert de Niro.

Cesar Sayoc Jr FBI after arrest TV grab
image recorded by local TV in Miami shows Cesar Sayoc Jr. (in the
black tank top) being escorted by FBI agents after his arrest on
Friday October 26.


The criminal complaint against Sayoc,
published by the US Department of Justice
, says that a single
fingerprint on one of the 13 packages was a match with Sayoc, and
helped them identify him.

It also said that agents were sure of his identify because of
identical misspellings of the names of Hillary Clinton and Debbie
Wasserman-Schultz found on the explosive packages and a Twitter
account linked to Sayoc.

was arrested Friday in Plantation, Florida
, near his
Dodge Ram van, covered in stickers praising Trump and hostile to
his critics
.cnn bombThe
bomb sent to former CIA Director John Brennan, one of the 13

He had been charged with five federal felonies, including mailing
explosives and threatening a former president. Here’s
everything we know about him

In the complaint, FBI Special Agent David Brown says that “a
latent fingerprint” was found on a package mailed to
Congresswoman Maxine Waters in Washington, D.C.

He said it matches a fingerprint held on file by law enforcement
officials in Florida, where Sayoc has a long history of arrests.

white Dodge Ram van linked to Sayoc.

Geo Rodriguez/Reuters

Brown also said that a DNA sample found inside a package sent to
Obama was also a match with Sayoc. So far no other DNA evidence
has been found in other packages, he said.

Another strain of evidence was poor spelling common to the
packages and the @hardrock2016 Twitter account, which the FBI
believes was used by Sayoc.

Brown noted that the account, since been suspended, repeatedly
misspelled Hillary Clinton’s first name as “Hilary,” an error
that was also on the pipe bomb sent to her.

He added that both the packages and the account misspelled
Wasserman-Schultz’s name, which was rendered “Wasserman Shultz”

Wasserman-Schultz was used as a return address, so her name
appeared on multiple packages, one of which, addressed to former
Attorney General Eric Holder, ended up at her office.

Sayoc is expected to appear in court on Monday.

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