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Sam Gyimah quits Theresa May’ government, set to back People’s Vote



Sam Gyimah
Sam Gyimah MP.

LONDON — Conservative MP Sam Gyimah is set declare his
support for a People’s Vote on Brexit after quitting Theresa
May’s government on Friday evening, multiple sources have told
Business Insider.

Gyimah quit as universities and science minister on Friday
in protest against the prime minister’s Brexit deal with
Brussels, branding the Withdrawal
“naive,” “EU first” and “not in the British
national interest.”

“Britain will end up worse off, transformed from rule
makers into rule takers. It is a democratic deficit and a loss of
sovereignty,” Gyimah said, after becoming the seventh minister to
resign over the divorce deal.

Gyimah is set to follow the footsteps of ex-transport
minister Jo Johnson and back the campaign for a People’s Vote, a
referendum on the outcome of negotiations, according to multiple
senior anti-Brexit campaigners.

Earlier this month, a senior source in the People’s
Vote campaign told
Business Insider
that up to three Conservative MPs would
declare support for another referendum in November, with Johnson
being the first.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the MP for East Surrey
hinted at support for another referendum. 

“We shouldn’t dismiss out of hand the idea of asking the
people again what future they want, as we all now have a better
understanding of the potential paths before us,” he said.

BI understands that he will soon declare his support for
another Brexit referendum, piling more pressure on Prime Minister
May as she faces the prospect of a landslide defeat in the
parliamentary vote on her deal next week.

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