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Rudy Giuliani tweets doctored video of Nancy Pelosi



Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump‘s personal attorney and frequent surrogate, tweeted out a doctored video on Thursday night of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to slur her speech.

“What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?” the former mayor of New York City wrote. “Her speech pattern is bizarre.”

Giuliani later deleted the tweet, but didn’t notify his followers that the video was altered or apologize for promoting it.

The video Giuliani tweeted was just one of several clearly doctored videos of Pelosi, making her speech sound warped or slurred by intoxication, that went viral on social media on Thursday. The Washington Post reported that one of the altered videos had been viewed 2.4 million times by Friday morning.

And Giuliani’s tweet came just minutes after Trump tweeted a misleading Fox Business video compilation of Pelosi appearing to stammer during a press conference.

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On Friday morning, Giuliani tweeted an incomprehensible message including a GIF of professional basketball players.

He followed up with another tweet about 30 minutes later in which he said that he wouldn’t apologize for tweeting the fake video until Pelosi apologizes for saying Trump needs an “intervention.” And he described the video as a “caricature” rather than doctored content.

“Nancy Pelosi wants an apology for a caricature exaggerating her already halting speech pattern. First she should withdraw her charge which hurts our entire nation when she says the President needs an ‘intervention,'” Giuliani wrote, adding, “People who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.”


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