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Roger Stone’s Instagram memes try to discredit Mueller investigation



Ever since Roger Stone was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday, he’s been posting a lot of memes.

Stone is at the center of the part of Mueller’s investigation over a potential conduit between Trump’s campaign in the 2016 election, WikiLeaks, and Russia. Investigators are trying to figure out whether the campaign had advance knowledge that WikiLeaks would public emails from Democratic operatives stolen by Russian hackers.

On Instagram, the former political advisor to presidents Richard Nixon and Donald Trump has been posting memes aimed at discrediting the Mueller investigation — and raise money for his legal defense.

And while Stone has been fluent in online misinformation for years — he is a frequent guest railing against the “deep state” and Mueller’s “witch hunt” on Infowars — he’s become much more productive since being targeted by the Department of Justice.

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In Instagram posts and stories, Stone has been trying to push the message that Mueller’s findings are a “nothingburger”

Stone memes attempt to present Mueller as an illegitimate, overreaching force

In Roger Stone’s meme world, Robert Mueller is part of a “deep state” conspiracy trying to take him down.
Roger Stone/Instagram
Stone leverages the memes to raise money for his legal defense fund.
Roger Stone/Instagram
In a meme Stone posted to Instagram stories, he tries to raise money for his legal defense in the Mueller investigation.
Roger Stone/Instagram

He has also been using memes and comics to push unsubstantiated conspiracy theories

Stone seems to believe in the unsubstantiated theory — also boosted by Trump— that CNN was tipped off about Stone’s arrest, or that Hillary Clinton somehow orchestrated a plot against him.

Stone is boosting a conspiracy theory that the FBI colluded with CNN to take him down.
Roger Stone/Instagram

Stone has launched a campaign to argue for his innocence

He created a “Who framed Roger Stone” brand, in the mold of the marketing for “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” And he has continued to sell his “Roger Stone did nothing wrong” apparel, worn by Milo Yiannopoulos.

He’s also been trying to turn himself into a meme

Stone has been trying to form the image of himself leaving the Fort Lauderdale federal courthouse — flashing the same “V for victory” pose his idol Richard Nixon made when he resigned from the presidency — into another meme that somehow symbolizes his alleged innocence.

Stone has pleaded not guilty to Mueller’s seven charges against him, which include obstruction of justice, false statements, and witness tampering.

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