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Republicans’ women aides may question Christine Blasey Ford on Kavanaugh



Brett Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the
third day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on September

Alex Wong/Getty

  • Republicans may question Supreme Court nominee
    Kavanaugh’s accuser through their aides as the only senators
    from the party who can do so are men.
  • Democratic sources told HuffPost that Republicans on
    the Senate Judiciary Committee want to have women question
    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford over her sexual assault
  • She says that Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed,
    groped her over her clothes, and covered her mouth with his
    hand when she started to scream when they were both in high
  • Ford has said that she is willing to testify publicly,
    though her lawyers said on Tuesday that a federal investigation
    must be conducted before any hearings take place.

Republicans are reportedly considering using their aides to
Blasey Ford
if she testifies about her
sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh
the only Republican senators who can question her are men.

Three Democratic sources familiar with the Senate
Judiciary Committee’s planning
told HuffPost
that Republican senators are looking to have
women question Ford. But every Republican senator on the
committee is male, so doing to would require senators’ aides
to step in.

The party is reportedly looking to avoid aggressive
questioning of Ford as she accuses Kavanaugh of sexually
assaulting her while they were in high school as it could
potentially backfire on the party.

has 11 Republican members, including Chairman Chuck
Grassley, all of whom are men. There are 10 Democrats on the
committee, four of whom are women. 

Republicans are also considering other options for questioning
Ford. Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas told HuffPost:
“We’ve discussed various options, including hiring outside
lawyers and supplementing that with senators asking

So, any senator who wants to ask questions remains free to do
so. But I don’t want want to get in front of the chairman.”

It is not yet clear if Ford will testify in front of
the Senate Judiciary Committee, though both she and
Kavanaugh have said that they are
willing to do so
. Lawmakers had been waiting Ford’s
response to their request for
a public hearing set for Monday.
The likelihood that Ford will agree to a hearing on Monday
may have been reduced after her lawyers wrote a letter on
Tuesday night that said a
federal investigation must be conducted
before any

The letter said that the investigation should be done to
“ensure that the crucial facts and witnesses in this matter are
assessed.” Such an investigation from the FBI has the potential
to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation indefinitely.

Ford alleges that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford during
a party in high school. She claimed Kavanaugh pinned her to a
bed, groped her over her clothes, and covered her mouth with his
hand when she started to scream.

Kavanaugh has categorically
denied the allegation
and said he would testify to “refute
this false allegation.”

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