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Report: Roger Stone, Randy Credico text messages about WikiLeaks dumps



roger stoneAssociated
Press/J. Scott Applewhite

  • NBC News published previously unseen text messages between
    the GOP strategist Roger Stone and the radio host Randy Credico
    that appear to indicate Credico knew more than he was letting on
    about WikiLeaks’ plan to publish hacked Democratic emails during
    the 2016 election.
  • Credico told INSIDER the text messages did not reflect any
    inside knowledge but rather were from the perspective of two
    outsiders looking in. He also denied being Stone’s back channel
    to WikiLeaks, and he said Stone was merely trying to “save his
    ass” from scrutiny.
  • Stone told INSIDER the messages prove Credico “perjured
    himself” before a grand jury in the Russia investigation.

On Wednesday, NBC News published previously unseen
text messages between the longtime GOP strategist Roger Stone and
the left wing radio host Randy Credico that indicate Credico may
have had advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ plans to release damning
emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign at the height of the
2016 election.

Stone and Credico used to be close, but the two men had a falling
out in recent months stemming from their diverging stories about
their role in the WikiLeaks dumps. Stone is at the center of the
special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian
interference in the 2016 election and whether members of
President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Moscow to tilt
the race in his favor.

A key thread in that investigation revolves around determining
whether any Trump associates knew in advance or helped the
Russians steal Democratic emails and disseminate them via

Stone is known to have been in direct contact with the Russian
hacker Guccifer 2.0, who helped spread some of the emails, as
well as WikiLeaks in the months leading up to the election. He
has also said that he communicated with WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange using Credico as an intermediary. Credico denies this.

But the previously unreported text messages between the two men,
which Stone gave to NBC News, raise new questions.

In one message sent on October 1, 2016, Credico texted Stone,
“Big news Wednesday. Now pretend u [sic] don’t know me.”

“U died 5 years ago,” Stone replied.

In response, Credico wrote, “Great. Hillary’s campaign will die
this week.”

Two days later, on October 3, Credico said, “I think it’s on for
tomorrow.” Shortly after, he texted Stone, “Why can’t you get
Trump to come out and say that he would give Julian Assange

Several hours later that same day, Credico said, “Off the Record
Hillary and her people are doing a full-court press they keep
Assange from making the next dump…That’s all I can tell you on
this line…Please leave my name out of it.”

Four days later, on October 7, WikiLeaks released its first load
of hacked emails from the Clinton campaign.

Randy Credico

AP Photo/John Minchillo,

Credico: Stone is trying to ‘save his ass’

Reached for comment about the NBC News report, Credico told
INSIDER the text messages were not the result of any inside
knowledge but rather from the perspective of two outside
observers. He added that they lacked context, and he said Stone
was trying to “save his ass” from scrutiny.

Stone, meanwhile, told INSIDER in a text message that Credico has
“not only perjured himself before the grand jury but has
threatened various witnesses who testified as to the truth.”
Asked who he was referring to, Stone pointed to grand jury
testimony given by the filmmaker David Lugo, who knows both Stone
and Credico. Lugo told The Daily Caller earlier
this month that he testified that Credico once “threatened to put
a hole in my head.”

“I readily admit that I was furious at Randy and still am not
because he wouldn’t lie but because he refuses to tell the
truth,” Stone added.

“The texts provided to NBC News demonstrate that my client, Roger
Stone, has been consistent for the past two years in his
assertion that Randy Credico was the person who was providing him
what limited information Mr. Stone had regarding WikiLeaks,”
Stone’s lawyer, Grant Smith, said in a statement to NBC News.

In other texts obtained by NBC News, Credico said he was “best
friends” with Assange’s lawyer, Margaret Ratner Kuntsler. She did
not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Earlier Wednesday,
The Wall Street Journal
published a report saying that
Mueller is looking into whether Stone intimidated or attempted to
discredit a witness who is countering him. The Wall Street
Journal discusses emails sent from Stone to Credico threatening
him with a lawsuit.

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