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Report: Fox News staff fed EPA scripts for Scott Pruitt’s interviews



scott pruitt
Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

  • “Fox & Friends” fed interview scripts to
    Environmental Protection Agency staff ahead of former
    administrator Scott Pruitt’s interviews, according to The Daily
  • Emails reviewed by The Daily Beast show producers would
    provide scripts and topic guidance to Pruitt’s staff ahead of
  • The coordination produced glowing segments on the
    agency and regulations with little or no challenges to Pruitt’s

“Fox & Friends” fed interview scripts to Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) staff ahead of former administrator Scott
Pruitt’s interviews, The Daily Beast reported

Pruitt’s communications staff were often in touch with “Fox &
Friends” producers, who offered information including parts of
scripts for review, according to emails revealed in a Freedom of
Information Act request submitted by the Sierra Club and reviewed
by The Daily Beast.

The coordination resulted in glowing segments on the agency and
EPA regulations with little or no challenges to Pruitt’s

In one email, a producer included a segment introduction that
offered Pruitt an opportunity to tout environmental clean-up

The email reads: “There’s a new direction at the Environmental
Protection Agency under President Trump—and it includes a
back-to-basics approach. This after the Obama administration left
behind a huge mess more than 1,300 super-fund sites which are
heavily contaminated—still require clean-ups. So why was
President Obama touted as an environmental savior if all these
problems still exist?”

In the aired interview, hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt
stuck to the copy verbatim.

Pruitt then doubled down on condemnation of the previous
administration’s environmental policy as the host asked few
questions and allowed Pruitt to tout the department’s work under

Other emails reviewed by the report include Pruitt’s staff
pitching story ideas to producers and emphasizing the talking
points that Pruitt would prefer, which emails show guided the
interview’s script and introduction. 

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Fox News has not replied to a request for comment from Business

Multiplereports from April made note
of an interview with Fox host Ed Henry, where Pruitt grew visibly
flustered by Henry’s repeated challenges about a pay raise
scandal that emerged within the department, which Pruitt claimed
he knew nothing about. 

The tense moment seems to be a break from Pruitt’s staff-assured
smooth sailing on the network. 

The Atlantic later reported
that internal emails contradicted Pruitt’s account, and many in
the agency were alarmed that he appeared to lie on

The embattled administrator resigned in July amid numerous
investigations and reports concerned with his handling of the
agency, including
dozens of allegations of unethical behavior by Pruitt

The report is the latest look at the close relationship between
Fox News and the Trump administration, as many top advisers are
longtime contributors on the
network. The president is also reportedly an avid viewer, often tweeting to highlight shows,
segments, and hosts. 

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