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Ranked: riskiest vacation hot spots in Africa from US State Department



The US State Department’s public travel advisories let Americans know what countries are safe to travel to and which ones they should be wary of.

With at least five Americans reported dead in the Dominican Republic in the past three months, it’s worth checking these alerts before going on your next international vacation.

The State Department uses four levels of travel guidance to let Americans know what to expect in each country:

Level 1 – Exercise normal precautions;

Level 2 – Exercise increased caution;

Level 3 – Reconsider travel;

and Level 4 – Do not travel.

Fourteen countries around the world are designated “do not travel,” mostly because of ongoing armed conflicts. In Africa, six countries are designated Level 4.

Here are the travel advisories for every country in Africa, ranked from least to most risky based on the State Department’s designation levels.

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