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Rachel Mitchell questioning of Christine Blasey Ford draws Trump allies’ fury



Christine Blasey Ford
Christine Blasey

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  • Allies of President Donald Trump criticized of Rachel
    Mitchell’s questioning of professor Christine Blasey Ford at
    Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.
  • Mitchell was the prosecutor
    in by Republicans to question both Ford and Judge
    Brett Kavanaugh during the high-stakes hearing.
  • The hearing focused on Ford’s allegation that Kavanaugh
    sexually assaulted her in the early 1980s.
  • “She didn’t even attempt to poke holes in the many
    inconsistencies in Ford’s story,” a Republican strategist close
    to the White House told Business Insider.

Allies of President Donald Trump took issue with Rachel Mitchell,
the prosecutor brought in by
Republicans to question both professor Christine Blasey Ford and
Judge Brett Kavanaugh during a high-stakes Thursday hearing, as
the early part of the hearing cemented Ford as a credible

Republicans had Mitchell, an Arizona prosecutor, ask
questions to Ford on their behalf. The Thursday hearing was
scheduled to question both Kavanaugh and Ford, a research
psychologist at Palo Alto University who recently accused
Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her during a high-school party.

In the first segment, Mitchell questioned Ford in five-minute
spans that were broken up by five-minute windows for the
Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

rachel mitchell

Associated Press/Andrew

Mitchell questioned Ford about her fear of flying, gaps in her
memory not only around the time of the alleged incident, but also
in more recent episodes, and about her decision to take a
polygraph test.

In her testimony, Ford said
she was “100%” certain that Kavanaugh was the person who
committed the early 1980s assault. Kavanaugh emphatically denied
these claims following Ford’s testimony.

Trump’s allies, however, felt that Mitchell did not press Ford
hard enough, failing to poke holes in her story.

A Republican strategist close to the White House told Business
Insider that Ford “undoubtedly came across as a sympathetic
figure during her testimony,” though this person said the
professor “was still unable to present any actual evidence to
back up her claims.”

But this person said they were sure that Republicans would’ve
been better off having GOP senators, like Lindsey Graham of South
Carolina, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ted Cruz of Texas, handle the
questioning of Ford “because Mitchell was an unmitigated

“She didn’t even attempt to poke holes in the many
inconsistencies in Ford’s story,” this person said.

On Fox News, legal analyst
Andrew Napolitano, a Trump ally, echoed some of that sentiment
about Mitchell, saying that Ford “is extremely credible and
Rachel Mitchell is not laying a glove on her.”

“The president cannot be happy with this,” he added.

Amid Mitchell’s questioning, Steve Schmidt, an anti-Trump, former
Republican operative who ran the late Sen. John McCain’s 2008
president campaign, tweeted that Republican
staffers wish “they had the button to open the trap door under
Rachel Mitchell’s chair.”

“What a total and complete political disaster for Republicans,”
he wrote.

Others on the right praised Mitchell, however, and
the answers that came out of
her line of questioning were central to much of the conservative
pushback on Ford’s credibility. The Federalist Society, as Politico reported, even
distributed talking points in defense of Mitchell.

On Ford’s portion of the hearing, a Republican Senate aide said
it didn’t present any “big surprises,” though it provided a “big
emotional boost for Democrats.”

“But Mitchell established some key facts that undercut her
credibility,” this person said of the questioner. “The emotion
will fade and the facts will win out.”

Conservatives felt inspired by Kavanaugh’s opening statement. The
judge opened up his testimony by emphatically denying the charges
against him, alternating between raw anger and holding back

“Brett is on fire,” former Trump campaign official Barry Bennett
told Business Insider,

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