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Putin delivers threatening sermon for a possible nuclear holocaust



Vladimir Putin
President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a session of
the Russian Energy Week international forum in Moscow, Russia
October 3, 2018.


  • Putin warned that rivals like the US that aggressors
    who strike Russia will perish as sinners, while Russian
    “martyrs” will go to heaven. 

Boasting that Russia’s nuclear arsenal has already surpassed its
competitors, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a fire and
brimstone warning to his nuclear rivals Thursday.

In the event of a nuclear war, “the aggressor should know
that retaliation is inevitable, and he will be destroyed,” Putin
at an international policy forum in Sochi. “
We would
be victims of an aggression and would get to heaven as martyrs.
They will simply drop dead.”

“We have run ahead of the competition,” he bragged.

“No one has precision hypersonic weapons. Others are
planning to start testing them within the next 1½ to 2 years, and
we already have them on duty,” Putin claimed,
potentially referencing the Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic

The Avangard hypersonic boost-glide vehicle, which Putin

earlier this year can travel 20 times the speed of
sound, hitting a target “like a meteorite, like a ball of fire,”
is set to enter service in the near future. The weapon can
reportedly carry a conventional or nuclear warhead with an
explosive yield ranging from 150 kilotons to one megaton, the
Russian news outlet TASS introduced in March.

The US military, facing competition from both Russia and
China on hypersonic weapons, is scrambling to catch up. The Army,
Navy, and Air Force are jointly
to develop advanced hypersonic systems for next-level

While Putin delivered his message focused on the nuclear
destruction of Russia’s enemies, he insisted that his country
would never strike first.

“Only when we become convinced that there is an incoming
attack on the territory of Russia, and that happens within
seconds, only after that we would launch a retaliatory strike,”
he said. “It would naturally mean a global catastrophe, but I
want to emphasize that we can’t be those who initiate it because
we don’t foresee a preventive strike.”

Russia dropped its “no-first-use pledge” in the early
1990s, writing a new nuclear doctrine with certain loopholes and

The Russian “people are ready to defend our sovereignty and
,” Putin added, “Not in every country are people
so eager to sacrifice their lives for the Motherland.”

The Russian president’s tough and damning rhetoric comes
amid heightened tensions between Russia and the US and its NATO

Starting next week, US forces, along with NATO allies and
partners, will take part in a massive war game involving tens of
thousands of troops, as well as numerous vehicles, ships, and
aircraft. The drills are
to send a strong deterrence message to

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