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Protestors in Portland threw milkshakes containing quick-drying cement



The Portland Police tweeted Saturday night that they had received reports that “some of the milkshakes thrown” during demonstrations from far-left and far-right groups in downtown Portland “contained quick-drying cement,” and encouraged anyone “hit with a substance” to report it.

Fighting between demonstrators and counter-protestors broke out in Portland on Saturday between members of far-right group the Proud Boys and far-left anti-fascist group Rose City Antifa. Another conservative demonstration taking place was organized on behalf of the “HimToo” movement.

Police did not clarify whether milkshakes were thrown by any specific group or toward any specific target, but The Oregonian reported that some protestors whose affiliation is unclear threw eggs and milkshakes at police officers, and both police and protestors deployed pepper spray.

“Quick-drying cement” likely refers to a concrete mixture with a higher ratio of cement to gravel and water, so that the concrete sets faster (in about 20 to 40 minutes), as opposed to regular concrete, which takes 24 to 48 hours to dry.

Fast-setting concrete mix can be bought in stores inexpensively and just requires water. It is unclear whether the concrete mixture was left to harden and then added to milkshake mixtures, or whether the powder itself was found in milkshakes. Portland police did not respond immediately to clarify.

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Andy Ngo, an editor of the conservative online magazine Quillette, tweeted that he was attacked by members of antifa while recording the demonstrations. Video captured of the incident shows masked members hitting Ngo, shooting silly string at him, cracking eggs over his head, and throwing cups at him as he walks away.

Ngo later tweeted he was in the ER, accompanied by pictures of lacerations and bruises on his face.

Portland Police declared a civil disturbance and unlawful assembly just hours after the protests began around noon on Saturday. The Oregonian reported that three people were arrested for charges including second-degree assault, assault of a police officer, second-degree disorderly conduct, and harassment. Medics treated eight people for injuries, including three police officers and Ngo.

Several high-profile journalists and online commentators denounced the violence toward Ngo, including CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who tweeted that antifa regularly attacks journalists. Ngo has been criticized for targeting vulnerable people, including journalists, and organizations, and leaving them susceptible to threats of violence.

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