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Pro-democracy HongKongers are forming a Baltic Way-style human chain



Thousands of chanting Hong Kong protesters joined hands to form human chains on Friday in a peaceful protest, with almost three months of anti-government demonstrations showing no sign of let-up across the Chinese-ruled territory.

Demonstrators, families young and old, some people masked, some using hand wipes to stay clean, linked hands across different districts as others held up banners thanking overseas nations for supporting “freedom and democracy” in Hong Kong.

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According to the Hong Kong Free Press, some protesters carried signs in a variety of languages, including Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian, thanking foreign countries for their support of Hong Kong protesters.

“Hongkongers, let’s make history together and let the world witness our solidarity,” a promotional video for the demonstration said. “Let’s hold each other’s hands and defend this city with our bodies and our will. Let’s show the world our determination to resist tyranny.”

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