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President Donald Trump posts video slamming Google, says #StopTheBias



photo of video posted by Donald trumpThe White House



US President Donald Trump continued to blast away at Google on
Wednesday, as he accused the tech company of showing favoritism
to former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Trump posted a video to his Twitter page that alleges that Google
promoted Obama’s State of the Union addresses multiple times on
its homepage, but has not done the same he has addressed
Congress. He posted the video with a hashtag, “#StopTheBias.”

CNBC has confirmed that photos of the Google of pages that appear
in the video are accurate. It’s not immediately clear if the
video was created by the Trump administration, or if it was made
by a third party and shared by the President. 

The video was posted a day after Trump criticized Google multiple
times on Tuesday, accusing the company of rigging search results
to silence conservative media outlets and make his administration
look bad.  

During an afternoon meeting in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Trump
claimed that the search company was “really taking advantage of a
lot of people.” He also warned Google, Twitter, and Facebook —
the large tech firms often accused by conservative groups of
political bias — to “be careful.”

Google did not immediately respond to a request for

This story is developing…

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