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Photos show the Trump White House all decked out for Christmas 2019



  • First lady Melania Trump has unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations.
  • “The Spirit of America” is the theme of this year’s decorations, and includes tributes to children’s games, classic holiday stories, and cities across America.
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First lady Melania Trump unveiled the 2019 White House Christmas decorations in several glittering rooms on Monday, keeping with the theme of “The Spirit of America.”

The White House described the theme as “a tribute to the traditions, customs, and history that make our Nation great.”

CNN’s Kate Bennett reported that the days of decorating the White House’s main rooms took volunteers from all 50 states to hang 800 feet of garland, 15,000 bows, and more than 2,500 strands of lights.

The White House also released a video tour of this year’s decorations:

See the highlights in these photos of the decorations.

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