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Photos show the lingering devastation of Hurricane Maria 2 years later



On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico like a nuclear bomb.

Maria brought winds up to 140 mph and doused the island with up to 38 inches of rain. An estimated 3,000 people died.

Two years later, as Hurricane Dorian heads its way, the US commonwealth has not fully recovered. This time, officials are hoping they’ll be ready, and luckily it doesn’t look like Dorian will be as brutal as Maria.

Earlier this week, 300 shelters were being prepared, and far more blankets, tarps, food, and water will be ready to use this time. The electrical grid, which was down in some places for almost a year, has also been bolstered.

But still, on August 27, almost two years since the storm, an estimated 30,000 people don’t have permanent roofs. Roads remain washed out. Neighborhoods and businesses have been abandoned, as 4% of the population left the island.

These photos show what Puerto Rico’s slow recovery looks like, as Hurricane Dorian barrels down on the island.

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