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Photos show how China is grappling with the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak



  • A rapidly spreading coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has infected at least 900 people and killed 26 worldwide, as of Friday evening.
  • The virus appears to be spreading from person to person, and Chinese authorities are scrambling to treat a flood of new patients.
  • By Friday, Chinese authorities had quarantined people in 12 cities, halting transportation and cutting off nearly 33 million people while officials attempt to quell the outbreak.
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At least 900 people have been infected by the mysterious Wuhan coronavirus worldwide, and 26 people have died.

In just a matter of weeks, the virus has spread from an initial outbreak in Wuhan, China, to nine other countries, and has resulted in the quarantine of at least 12 Chinese cities.

Chinese authorities are scrambling to contain the virus and treat an influx of new patients, but a reported lack of medical tests and protective gear are making matters difficult.

From issuing masks, to putting cities on lockdown and panic-building a new hospital, here’s a look at how the virus has spread across China.

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