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Photos: Abandoned Washington, DC monuments during government shutdown



Washington, DC, has been a bit quieter the last few days as a partial government shutdown now enters its second week.

During this time, hundreds of thousands of federal employees have been put on furlough, with some choosing to work without pay.

While many national parks, museums, and attractions have attempted to remain open, Wednesday saw the closure of 17 Smithsonian-run museums, including the National Museum of American History.

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The National Zoo has also shut down, bringing a temporary end to its beloved “Panda Cam.”

Sidewalks along the National Mall are now strewn with garbage amid a backdrop of empty monuments.

All the while, President Trump is holding firm on his desire for a $5.6 billion border wall between Mexico and the US.

On the same day that the Smithsonian shuttered its museums, Trump declined to compromise on congressional funding, saying the shutdown would last “as long as it takes” to secure his demands.

In the meantime, visitors have been disappointed by the sight of closed museums, and citizens have been angered by the filth lining their streets. Take a look at the current state of affairs in Washington, DC.

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