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Paul Manafort spent $18,000 on karaoke equipment for Hamptons house



Paul Manafort
Paul Manafort.
Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

  • Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort spent
    $18,000 on a karaoke machine and assorted equipment for his
    home in the Hamptons, according to recent court
  • Manafort’s wife Kathleen paid for the karaoke costs by
    transferring money from Cyprus-based bank accounts, which
    Manafort is accused of illegally concealing from authorities to
    evade taxes.
  • Manafort has been charged with bank fraud and is
    awaiting trial in Virginia, set for July 31.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort spent $18,000 on a
karaoke machine and related equipment for his vacation home in
Bridgehampton, New York, according to court documents released ahead
of his upcoming Virginia trial.

The court filing includes invoices from New York Sensoryphile,
Inc. to Manafort’s wife, Kathleen, show that she was billed for
approximately $8,000 and then around $10,000 later, for the
machine itself, plus song packages, microphone stands,
installation costs, and even a fancy touchscreen remote. 

The full invoices for the karaoke machine and other services from
the same vendor for the Manaforts’ Hamptons house were entered
into the court record as stipulations, facts of the case that
both the defense and prosecution agree to.

According to court documents, Kathleen wired money from multiple
bank accounts based in Cyprus to pay for the karaoke machine. The
charges brought against Manafort accuse him of evading taxes on
substantial assets held in a number of foreign bank accounts,
many of them based in Cyprus.

“Manafort used his hidden overseas wealth to enjoy a lavish
lifestyle in the United States, without paying taxes on that
income,” the February
 filed in the federal court for the Eastern
District of Virginia reads, laying out the charges against him.

Additional stipulations filed by both Manafort’s and Mueller’s
teams include more details from Manafort’s financial records,
including the purchase of several Range Rovers and an invoice
from an antique rug store. 

Opening arguments in Manafort’s Virginia trial are scheduled to
begin July 31.

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