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NYC subway track debris crashes into car windshield



In an event that fuels New Yorkers’ nightmares, a piece of subway equipment appeared to fall and pierce the windshield of a car on Thursday.

Terrifying photos shared by a City Council member show a long piece of wood, possibly a railroad tie used on the overhead tracks, protruding from a ride-hailing SUV.

“Thankfully the driver was not injured, but someone could have been killed!,” the councilman, who represents district 26 in Queens, said in a follow-up tweet. “There must be an immediate investigation into how something this dangerous could happen. @MTA must answer for our crumbling subway infrastructure before a tragedy occurs.”

In a statement to Business Insider, the MTA said it was investigating the incident.

“We take this incident extremely seriously, are conducting a full investigation into what happened, have personnel ensuring the rest of the area is safe, and are relieved that no one was injured,” a spokesperson said.

New York City’s subway system, run by a state-controlled agency, has been in a state of emergency for more than a year due to failing century-old equipment that’s caused hundreds of delays and a degradation in service. Thursday’s incident is sure to add even more fuel to angry commuters’ fires.

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