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New Yorkers ruthlessly mock Bill de Blasio quitting the 2020 primary



Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City finally ended his quixotic presidential run on Friday after spending months on the campaign trail but failing to crack 1% in the polls or qualify for the fall debates.

De Blasio is highly unpopular both in his own city and in the Democratic primary electorate, currently holding a net negative favorability rating among New Yorkers, according to Quinnipiac polling.

The mayor could have spent his summer working overtime to solve the pressing issues facing New Yorkers and improving his standing among his constituents.

But instead, he logged just seven hours of work at City Hall in May, the month he launched his bid. Instead, he traveled through early primary states trying to convince voters why they should like him when the people of his own city don’t.

And a recent Siena College poll of the 2020 Democratic primary found that de Blasio has the distinction of being the only candidate in the field to receive 0% support among Democratic voters in both his own home state, and the city over which he presides.

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Even when he first got into the race, pretty much everyone was puzzled as to why. One former aide, speaking anonymously to Politico, said the idea of de Blasio running was “f—ing insane,” while another friend called it “idiotic.”

New Yorkers, other Twitter commentators, and even President Donald Trump himself dragged de Blasio when he entered the primary, and they had plenty of fun at his expense when he dropped out:

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