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New scientists in Congress: 10 scientists in Senate and House in 2019



The 116th Congress was sworn in on Thursday, with 10 new scientists in the ranks.

Many of the incoming science experts on the Hill hold medical degrees, have worked in healthcare, or have an intimate understanding of topics like nuclear energy or climate change. It’s a major boost in the science credentials of the US governing body, which still has only one PhD scientist and one PhD mathematician among the 535 members.

While there are no additional PhDs on this list of new-comers, the doctors, engineers, and energy wonks who joined Congress bring knowledge of science, technology, and healthcare.

“Scientists are essentially problem-solvers,” Shaughnessy Naughton, president of 314 Action, a nonprofit political action committee dedicated to recruiting, training, and funding scientists and healthcare workers who want to run for political office, previously told Business Insider.

She said the new science-minded politicians will change the political conversation in Washington and “bring a much more nuanced and productive conversation to the healthcare debate,” while at the same time taking on environmental issues, cybersecurity, and election integrity.

“Who better to be tackling these issues than scientists?” she said.

Here’s the list of new science whizzes representing Americans on the Hill:

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