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Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ season 2: release date, details, trailer



making a murderer part 2Netflix

  • Netflix announced on Tuesday that “Making a Murderer”
    Part 2 will premiere October 19.
  • The new season will be “over 10 episodes,” and follow
    Kathleen Zellner, the postconviction lawyer for Steven Avery,
    the subject of the popular first season.


More “Making a Murderer” is coming in less than a month.

Netflix announced on Tuesday that part two of the hit documentary
true-crime series will premiere on the streaming service on
October 19, and released a teaser for the new season.

You can watch the teaser below:

Netflix also released story details for part two. The new season
will be “over 10 episodes” and introduce viewers
to Kathleen Zellner, the post-conviction lawyer for
the subject of the first season, Steven Avery, “in her fight to
prove that Avery was wrongly convicted and win his

Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” premiered in 2015 and captured
viewers’ attention with its real-life story of Avery, who served
nearly two decades in prison after being wrongfully convicted of
sexual assault and attempted murder. He was released in 2003 and
exonerated, only to be convicted of murder in another case two
years later.

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