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Most dangerous countries in world 2019: Afghanistan Syria South Sudan



The Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace released its 2019 Global Peace Index this month.

The IEP, a think tank that develops methods to “ analyse peace and to quantify its economic value,” has released the GPI annually since 2007. A panel of experts oversees the GPI, and Economist Intelligence Unit analysts score each country on qualitative factors.

The report measures the peacefulness of 162 countries by rating each one on 23 qualitative and quantitative metrics, which are divided into three categories.

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The ongoing domestic and international conflict category includes deaths from organized conflict and relations with neighboring countries. The societal safety and security category includes political instability, violent crime, and the incarcerated population. The militarization category includes access to weapons and weapons imports and exports.

In 2019, overall global peacefulness increased for the first time in five years, but the world is still less peaceful than it was 10 years ago, the report says. This year, Afghanistan replaced Syria as the least peaceful country in the world.

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