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Monica Lewinsky compares the Mueller report to the Starr report



Monica Lewinsky weighed in on the release of Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation report by comparing it to what she faced in the 1990s with then-President Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky, a former White House intern, was a central figure in Clinton’s 1998 impeachment hearing after independent counsel Kenneth Star investigated her affair with the president as part of his probe.

While Starr’s 463-page report, which featured graphic details of the relationship between Clinton and Lewinsky, was published online in full, Mueller’s report has been kept tightly under wraps, with the public only seeing Barr’s four-page summary of it.

Lewinsky ridiculed the process on Twitter after USC law professor Orin Kerr speculated what would have happened if Starr’s report had only been provided to Clinton’s attorney general, Janet Reno.

“If. F—ing. Only,” Lewinsky tweeted.

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Starr’s report was made public after a House vote of 363 to 63 in favor of releasing it, according to The Daily Beast.

Lewinsky was publicly ridiculed as a result of the Clinton scandal and has since become an advocate against cyberbullying.

People on Twitter celebrated her response to the Mueller report.

Democrats have pushed for the Mueller’s report to be released following Barr’s summary of the years-long investigation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, said on Tuesday that Barr is planning to send the Mueller report to the White House before the public sees it.

He said Barr told him it could take “weeks, not months,” to make a version of Mueller’s final report public.

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