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Michael Cohen, GOP Rep. Jim Jordan clash over Trump during testimony



Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, clashed repeatedly with Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime former lawyer and fixer, during Cohen’s congressional testimony on Wednesday.

The two first faced off when Jordan accused Cohen of turning on Trump after he wasn’t offered a job in White House and argued that Cohen, who has pled guilty to several felony charges, has no remorse for his crimes.

“I see a guy who worked for 10 years and trashing the guy he worked for for 10 years, didn’t get a job in the White House,” Jordan said. “You didn’t get brought to the dance … And now you’re behaving just like everyone else who got fired or didn’t get the job they wanted.”

Cohen disagreed with Jordan’s account, and argued that Trump wanted him to serve in the White House general counsel’s office, but he turned down the offer because the post wouldn’t provide him sufficient attorney-client privilege.

“I was extremely proud to be personal attorney to the president of the United States of America. I did not want to go the White House,” said Cohen, who characterized Trump as a “con man,” a “racist,” and a “cheat” during his testimony.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the president’s two eldest sons, quickly accused Cohen of lying about the circumstances around his potential employment in the White House.

“Hahahaha Michael Cohen begged to work at the White House and everyone knows it,” Trump Jr. wrote on Wednesday. “And that’s what all this is about. Cohen just wants to be famous. He always wanted his own TV show and the limelight and when he couldn’t get it one way he had to try another.”

Eric Trump, the president’s second-eldest son, tweeted a similar sentiment.

“Michael was lobbying EVERYONE to be ‘Chief of Staff,'” Eric wrote. “It was the biggest joke in the campaign and around the office. Did he just perjure himself again?”

Later, Jordan argued that Cohen’s “remorse is nonexistent.”

Cohen responded furiously, accusing Jordan of misrepresenting his testimony.

“Mr. Jordan, that’s not what I said, and you know that that’s not what I said,” he said. “I said I pled guilty and I take responsibility for my actions. Shame on you, Mr. Jordan.”

Cohen went on, “I take responsibility for my mistakes, alright? I am remorseful. And I am going to prison. I will be away from my wife and family for years.”

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