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Michael Avenatti on running for president:, policy platform ‘more bullish than ever’



Michael Avenatti
Michael Avenatti.
Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV

  • Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy
    Daniels, released a policy platform on Monday.
  • He told Business Insider that he is “more bullish than
    ever” about running for president.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, told
Business Insider on Monday that he is “more bullish than ever”
about a potential run for president in 2020, after his release of
a policy platform he believes is “the most substantial” released
by a 2020 contender so far.

In the document, titled “What I Believe,” Avenatti laid out his
positions on a number of issues, ranging from climate change and
criminal justice reform to taxes and trade. Avenatti’s platform
is built up of mainstream Democratic Party views on the subjects
he lists:

  • For instance, he supports the expansion of Medicare to cover
    all Americans.
  • He expressed disapproval of the Republican-led tax law.
  • He said he fully supports union rights.
  • He has also pledged to accept no
    donations from corporate political action committees if he were
    to run.
  • (You can read the full platform

Avenatti told Business Insider that this platform serves to put
“some meat on the bones relating to where I line up on various

“I think it’s the most substantive policy platform that’s been
put forth by anyone who is potentially considering running,” he
said. “I’m hopeful that other candidates will follow it because I
think it’s fairly clear and concise.”

Last week, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
released an ambitious
anti-corruption platform
that observers felt was an effort to
help better define a major policy initiative she would promote as
a possible 2020 candidate. As part of the announcement, Warren
also released 10 years of her tax returns.

But other major potential Democratic contenders haven’t yet
provided a list of policy prescriptions, mostly because the
primary process has yet to really take off.

Avenatti called his list of proposals “a working document that
we’re going to continue to disseminate from time to time.”

“And we’re going to provide updated deep dive policy proposals in
the coming weeks and months,” he said.

He is providing the list of policy stances as a response to those
who have recently asked about his potential candidacy.

“I haven’t decided about whether I’m going to run, that’s the
honest to god truth,” Avenatti said. “I’m certainly considering
it as I’ve stated.”

‘I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the party’

Avenatti has become a major presence on the left as he serves as
Daniels’ attorney while also wading into
the family-separation crisis at
the US-Mexico border. Already, Avenatti has made trips to early primary states like Iowa
and New Hampshire as he explores a possible bid.

On Friday, BuzzFeed reported Avenatti is
launching his own political action committee to support
Democrats. The group is called Fight PAC.

That announcement came as Avenatti took meetings and met with
party officials at the Democratic National Committee’s annual
summer meeting.

“I’m more bullish than ever,” Avenatti said about his feelings on
running for president after attending the summit. “I’ve been
welcomed with open arms by the party.”

Avenatti said some in the party encouraged him to seek office,
adding that he received plenty of “enthusiasm from a number of
superdelegates and others in attendance at the convention.”

“So the level of support has been significant,” he said.

Asked about how the move to limit the power of Democratic
superdelegates, which the DNC voted to do during the summer
meeting, could further help a possible candidacy such as his own,
Avenatti said it wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

“I don’t know at the end of the day that it’s going to matter,
frankly,” he said.

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