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Megyn Kelly responds to Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony on Kavanaugh



megyn kelly
Kelly said Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is “deeply
problematic” for Brett Kavanaugh.


  • Megyn Kelly weighed in on Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony
    during “Today” show coverage of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court
    nomination hearing on Thursday.
  • Kelly said Ford’s recollections to the Senate Judiciary
    Committee were “emotional” and could prove “deeply problematic”
    for Kavanaugh.
  • “If she’s an actress, she’s really good,” Kelly said.

Megyn Kelly seems to find Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

The NBC News anchor was part of a panel covering the psychology
professor’s appearance before the Senate
Judiciary Committee on Thursday
, as Ford recollected the
alleged 1982 sexual assault by
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

When the committee took its first break of the morning, Kelly
weighed in on Ford, saying she found one part of her story
especially moving.

“The moment that will stay with me was when she described having
a memory of being in that room, and looking over at Mark Judge,
and having eye contact with him, and asking herself ‘Will he save
me?’ And he didn’t. It was emotional,” Kelly said.

“Look if she’s an actress, she’s really good,’ Kelly later added.
“The alternative is she’s telling the truth and it’s deeply
problematic for [Kavanaugh].”

Ford has alleged that a “stumbling drunk” 17-year-old Kavanaugh
pinned her down, put his hand over her mouth, and groped her
while his friend watched at a high school party.

Kavanaugh is expected to respond to Ford’s allegations to the
committee later on Thursday.

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