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Meet the 18 ultra-wealthy Americans asking for a wealth tax



A group of 19 ultra-wealthy Americans signed an open letter to 2020 presidential candidates asking them to support a wealth tax, a copy of the letter published by The New York Times on June 24 shows.

The signatories support the wealth tax for six reasons, according to the letter. Those include funding environmental initiatives and solving America’s climate crisis; fueling economic growth; and providing funding for public health care. In addition, the letter argues, a wealth tax is fair, patriotic, and would strengthen our democracy by reducing inequality.

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Some of the signatories are multi-billionaires like George Soros, while others are little-known multimillionaires.

Of the 19 people who signed the letter, one chose to remain anonymous. Keep reading to learn more about the 18 known people who asked for a wealth tax, listed in alphabetical order.

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